NHRI Fellowship 2023 Announcement

    1. The National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) Fellowship is established to foster research collaboration between foreign research institutions and NHRI. The Fellowship provides support to foreign doctoral candidates, Ph.D. students, or master students who have completed required courses at biomedical and public health-related departments of overseas universities (home institution), or to research fellows at an equivalent level in foreign academic institutions.
    2. Before submitting the application, all applicants should first identify a host Principal Investigator in NHRI to supervise and host the candidate during the stay in NHRI. Contact information of NHRI PIs participating in the Fellowship program can be found on the website Fellowship Faculty 2023.
    3. Financial support
      1. The Fellowship provides each recipient a monthly living allowance of NT$30,000 to 32,000 for Ph.D. students or NT$20,000 for master students.
      2. The duration of the fellowship is from 12 to 24 months, depending on the nature of research collaboration and arrangement made between host PI and fellow’s home institutes.
      3. NHRI will provide the recipient the personal accident insurance (medical insurance for accidental injuries is included) with the coverage of NT$1 million. Reserved in-campus housing is available to foreign scholars. The recipient is responsible for paying his/her own health insurance. After staying over 6 months in Taiwan, foreign fellows can enroll in National Health Insurance Coverage.
    4. Applicants should submit the following documents:
      1. Curriculum vitae (including a publication list);
      2. Research proposal or Personal statement;
      3. Two letters of recommendation, or one letter of recommendation and one letter of consent from the chief administrator of the institute;
      4. Letter of agreement from the host Principal Investigator;
      5. Certificate of enrollment in the academic institution if applicable;
      6. Photocopy of passport.
    5. Intellectual properties and scientific outcome
      If not specified, research outcomes from visiting scholars while staying in Taiwan belong to the granting institution and are subject to all applicable rules associated with PI’s grants and corresponding funding agencies. Intellectual property rights arising from or in connection with the cooperation shall be jointly owned if agreed upon in writing and approved by NHRI intellectual properties and technology transfer office. Authorship of scientific publications will be decided according to commonly accepted conventions for scientific publications.
    6. Confidentiality
      Fellowship recipients and foreign collaborators should always keep confidential any information or data that may be exchanged, acquired, or shared in connection with the cooperation. Fellowship recipients are liable for information/data protection regulations of NHRI.
    7. The recipients should observe the following regulations:
      1. During the stay in Taiwan, the recipients should attend academic seminars, all applicable safety training sessions related to laboratory work and hazardous materials, disaster/emergency prevention and exercise, and relevant academic activities as requested by the host laboratory and NHRI.
      2. During the fellowship period, the recipients are not allowed to receive any scholarships granted by other governmental agencies/academic institutions/ schools based in Taiwan. No employment in Taiwan is allowed. Lecture honorariums from teaching/research collaboration are exceptions but are limited to a maximum of 4 hours per week.
      3. While in Taiwan, the recipients must abide by ROC law. If a recipient is convicted of violating the Criminal Code or engages in any severe misconduct during the duration of the fellowship, the recipient’s fellowship will be revoked.
      4. All expenses exceeding the fellowship amount must be covered by the recipients.
      5. All related oral or written research reports made by recipients must mention or note the support of the NHRI Fellowship program.

Please submit all application materials via email to:
E-mail: fellowship@nhri.edu.tw
Tel:  (Taiwan) +886-37-206166 #38108

Opens – August 1, 2023
Deadline – December 1, 2023

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